Sweet Moments {Op:Love Homecoming}

I cannot even imagine the jobs that the men and woman in the military take on and the strength, courage, devotion, and LOVE it must take for the military member to leave their family and friends for months. AND the strength, courage, devotion, and LOVE the family and friends must have to stay behind not knowing what will happen in the coming months. I was lucky to meet this {client and friend} lovely lady a few months ago for a mid-deployment session and got to photograph the USS Taylor Homecoming through Op:Love. You should check out Operation Love Reunited if you’re not familiar with the services provided to military families.

Thanks, C and J for letting me photograph this for you. So glad you’re home!

Teresa and Jason Part 2 {Jacksonville Wedding Photographer}

I have been so busy with sessions, children’s birthday parties, finding a house…..you know life in general! I realized I had not posted part 2 of the pictures from Teresa and Jason’s wedding. Luckily for me, the editing and CD are done and the CD is on the way to the lovely couple, so it’s just blogging I’m behind on. So, here is part 2. Congrats again! Hope you had a great, relaxing honeymoon!


Teresa and Jason are married! Part one. {Jacksonville Wedding Photographer}

Teresa and Jason were married at Stockton Park in Ortega , I had never been there before. It’s so nice! Right on the water, lots of trees with picnic areas, and of course, a gazebo for weddings!


Just Married {Part 1}

The dress, the shoes, the location, the details make the wedding.

It’s the support of family and friends, commitment and love that make the marriage. These two have all that and recently celebrated 10 years together prior to their wedding day.



Main Photographer: Yuliya Callahan Photography

Assistant Photographer: Mady Joe Photography


LOVE this lens!

I finally got the Nikon 24-70 2.8. Sigh…. I love it. These are the first pictures I took with it of my poor, un-expecting friend. I guess I didn’t clarify what I meant when I asked her if she wanted to walk around Riverside. But really, don’t feel bad for her. She always dresses super cute and I’m more than a little jealous of that : )

Twinkle, twinkle little star. Do you know how loved you are?

I saw this quote and instantly thought of this sweet little girl! The meaning of her name is star and she is obviously adored by her parents, so it seems fitting. Love this age: exploring everywhere, everyday brings  a new discovery, the smiles, and laughter.




My husband and I have a nickname for our son, sour patch kid. Why? Because he is just like the sour patch kid candy sometimes! He can be so rough (hence the sour) and in the next second come running up for a kiss and hug saying ‘ahhhh, I love you’ (the sweet). I guess all little boys, or girls, can be that way but during this session I saw nothing but sweetness from these boys! They are so nice to each other! We had a really fun session. Can’t wait to see them in the next few months!

Special Delivery {Grand entrance}

I have started and restarted this blog three times, I’m not kidding. I just do not know how to put into words how honored, touched, and happy I feel knowing that I was so warmly welcomed into this little girls birth day. What a lovely family she has.

Congrats. Enjoy her.

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