Happy Birthday! {St Augustine Photographer}

I remember finding out I saw pregnant with our son. I remember finding out at 14 weeks it was a boy. I remember the frantic ultrasound tech running out of the room at 34 weeks because my amniotic fluids were WAY too low, I remember how scared I was to be induced at 37 weeks, and how I stopped in the parking lot at the hospital refusing to go any farther because I was so scared and nervous. I remember being told not to worry about the epidural, it would be fine. I remember when the epidural wouldn’t work. I remember the NICU team being in the room while I was in labor and the oxygen mask annoying me even though it was helping the baby. I remember how everyone else seemed to get sleep the night before I was induced and the night I was in labor and I did not get any sleep. I remember briefly seeing our son before he was taken quickly away to make sure he was okay. I remember being left completely alone for a brief period of time while my husband and son made their way to the nursery and the doctors and nurses were done with me for a few minutes. I remember my dad insisting that I get to be taken by the nursery before going to the next room because he knew I didn’t get to see my son or hold him for very long. I remember waking up from my very short nap very ready to finally see the little boy I had given birth to.  I remember holding him for the first time and being so thankful that he had made it into the world without anything bad happening to him.

Fast forward five years and now his favorite question is ‘why?’, his favorite thing is construction, his favorite color changes on a daily basis, and his favorite thing to play with is his sister. He always asks for pictures or a video of the new baby when I come home from the doctor. He frustrates my husband and myself with all his questions, determination  and stubbornness to get his way, but at the same time makes us laugh and is so sweet.  Even right now, he desperately wants to share the cookies left over from school this morning with his daddy. He’s so proud that he carried the cookies all by himself into school and shared with his friends! Last week he held the door open for the little girl behind him, obviously he’s getting a lot of the things we’re telling him. For the most part he’s pretty happy, sweet, and polite. He has his moments of tantrums, telling us no, and just plain bad days. But who doesn’t.

I’m posting some pictures as a quick look back over some of the things he loves the most and some of the pictures I love. Most of these are recent pictures, but the newborn pictures are all courtesy of Root Photography. Nate was our wedding photographer and we were lucky enough that he also captured newborn pictures of our first born. I actually cried when looking at these pictures to choose some of my favorites. I’ll blame it on my pregnancy hormones for now!

One Comment on “Happy Birthday! {St Augustine Photographer}”

  1. Natalie Ann says:

    adorable!!! And just wanted to let you know…you’ve inspired me to start my own blog for our growing family. I think what you do is a wonderful thing. Not only are you creating memories for your children, but you help preserve memories for those of us who don’t have the talent to capture our own.

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