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Are you good at keeping secrets? Usually, I am pretty good, but this time I was so worried about slipping up and giving the secret away! I’ve known about these plans for months and I was so glad when it was finally time for everyone else to know! Even my children knew a little and keeping a 5 year old and 3 year old quiet about something is hard! Especially when my daughter was playing with my ring and looked at me, completely innocent, and said ‘for Aunt Jen?’

Let me rewind a second. We {myself and my children} went to meet Mr. I for some ring shopping and somehow, little Miss M remembered this weeks later and just a few hours before we were going to see Aunt Jen and completely related my ring with the ones we had looked at for Aunt Jen. A girl interested in jewelry. Her poor future husband should start saving now!

So, finally, my sisters birthday weekend came around, and she had no idea what was in store! She was blindfolded from her house alllll the way to the restaurant. That is dedication on Ivin’s part and trust on Jen’s! It was fun, sweet, and yummy! Enjoy some pics!

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A few more pics from a recent St Augustine Beach Session!

Happy Birthday, Miss M! {Saint Augustine Photographer | Jacksonville Photographer | Mady Joe Photography}

Three years ago I was exactly as far along in my pregnancy as I am now. This baby we are waiting on and my almost three year old little girl share the exact same due date. Let’s just hope they do not share a birthday.

I still remember taking our son with friends to visit Santa at the mall in Orlando two days before Miss M was born, I remember crying when we were leaving because it would be the last time I would see them before I had another baby {I was induced, we knew when she was coming!}, and being upset that that day was the last day our son would have me all to himself. Blame the pregnancy hormones. I will.

As I was looking back at the pictures to use for this post, I cannot believe how much she has changed and how quickly! When we left Orlando, she was almost 19 months old and still had the little baby look. Now, she looks like a big girl, talks like a big girl, has opinions like a big girl, and is so sweet, and funny. I love how she refers to her bottom as her ‘bobbom’, I love how she loves her ‘baby’, which is a little lovey she has had since birth, I love how she plays cars with her big brother and how she loves him, I love that she will probably be a track star one day, and I love that she sings along with the CD in the car. I love how she laughs, pushes her hair out of her face, and colors in her coloring books. I love that she refers to our dog Abby as her Abby and my parents dog as Baby Winston. Some of my biggest hopes are that she will always be this sweet, will always demand hugs and kisses before bedtime, and that she will love the new baby as much as she loves our son.

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the years 🙂

The Y Family Sneak Peak | Saint Augustine Photographer

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite thing about this St Augustine Beach family session because I have so many. I met this family  through Operation Love Reunited and I’ve been lucky to become friends with them and get to catch up with them! I love how they always laugh with each other, I love that they brought fun props, I love that they will be silly and fun, I love that they played on the playground at the end of our session. It was so fun <3!