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A little while ago I asked my Facebook fans for some help for a mentoring session to be shot in St Augustine. Ms. C was the first person the email me and her enthusiasm when I said they were the couple was so, so amazing!

She said: ”  SERIOUSLY!!!? How did I outdo all of the young/hip couples? You have made my day! Better than winning a contest! How close is the historic district to say…the beach? 🙂 ……….. I am so excited to FINALLY work with you!”

Really, how could you not be excited to met someone  when they’re so excited about helping you out? And they were great! We had a fun session, even with the bug bites, and got to know each other. What’s better than that?

Here is a quick sneak peak!


One of my favorites. Love his facial expression!


Matt said she was completely on her own to find a ride…..I don’t think she had anything to worry about! 










After the Wedding Session – Disney Boardwalk {Orlando Couple Photographer}

I love when couples choose to have an After the Wedding Session as one of their menu items. I think it’s so fun and takes some pressure off their shoulders for timing everything on the actual wedding day. Plus, you spend a good amount of time, energy, and money picking out the prefect dress, you should get to wear it as much as you want 🙂

I especially love getting to check in with the couple after they’ve had some time to relax, absorb all the things that happened in a short period of time, and we get to shoot at such a fun location! Loved spending some time with my husband Disney Boardwalk before meeting with Natalie and Thomas!