The Y Family Sneak Peak | Saint Augustine Photographer

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite thing about this St Augustine Beach family session because I have so many. I met this family  through Operation Love Reunited and I’ve been lucky to become friends with them and get to catch up with them! I love how they always laugh with each other, I love that they brought fun props, I love that they will be silly and fun, I love that they played on the playground at the end of our session. It was so fun <3!








I met this family last year shortly before Mr Y left for his deployment. Through the last six months or so, we’ve been able to stay in contact through Facebook, email, etc.  I know some of their friends through OpLove as well and photographed a recent homecoming for a first time dad also part of this squadron. So, this homecoming was extra exciting and special because I felt like I had been a part of their story from the beginning {at least of this deployment!} and I knew more than one family there. And Mr J made himself, and his family, famous by landing a spot on television.

Operation Love Reunited Homecoming {Jacksonville Photographer}

Yoast Family Homecoming.

Welcome home! {Jacksonville Photographer}

I met this family late last year shortly before Mr. O deployed. While he was gone, the couple’s first little girl was born. This homecoming was the first time they had seen each other in real life and not on a computer screen! So happy he’s home! Follow the link to view the slideshow, having some trouble getting the slideshow actually on my blog. Working on it 🙂


2+1= soon to be 3 {St Augustine|Jacksonville Photographer}

This session is one of two Operation Love Reunited sessions I did last week. This one is pretty special because they are expecting a new addition in just a few months! I can’t wait until this family is back together, thanks Mr. O for all you do.


The Y Family {Ponte Vedra Photographer}

If you haven’t checked out Operation Love Reunited yet, you should! This organization and the photographers involved, give military families like this one the opportunity for pictures before and during a deployment as well as capturing the deployment or homecoming. Some of my favorite sessions and people I have met {photographers and clients!} through this organization, so these sessions mean as much to me as the family I am photographing. I was lucky to do two Operation Love Reunited sessions last week with two families who are friends and their husbands will be deployed together. Kind of a neat connection.

You should also check out Mrs Y’s blog. She’s a concept designer for Paper Crafting Companies and I am really cannot tell you enough about her work. You must check them out!

Just in time for Christmas {Jacksonville Photographer}

A recent Operation Love Reunited session….. It was freezing, windy, sort of misty, and the arrival time changed at the last minute. So it was a little stressful for the family feeling like they could possibly miss the day they had been waiting for for more than seven months. Lucky for us, we didn’t miss it. Even if I had only gotten one picture of their son reunited with his daddy, all of the above stress would have been more than 1000 times worth it. I can’t really put into words my thoughts about this experience, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking!