Happy Birthday, Miss M! {Saint Augustine Photographer | Jacksonville Photographer | Mady Joe Photography}

Three years ago I was exactly as far along in my pregnancy as I am now. This baby we are waiting on and my almost three year old little girl share the exact same due date. Let’s just hope they do not share a birthday.

I still remember taking our son with friends to visit Santa at the mall in Orlando two days before Miss M was born, I remember crying when we were leaving because it would be the last time I would see them before I had another baby {I was induced, we knew when she was coming!}, and being upset that that day was the last day our son would have me all to himself. Blame the pregnancy hormones. I will.

As I was looking back at the pictures to use for this post, I cannot believe how much she has changed and how quickly! When we left Orlando, she was almost 19 months old and still had the little baby look. Now, she looks like a big girl, talks like a big girl, has opinions like a big girl, and is so sweet, and funny. I love how she refers to her bottom as her ‘bobbom’, I love how she loves her ‘baby’, which is a little lovey she has had since birth, I love how she plays cars with her big brother and how she loves him, I love that she will probably be a track star one day, and I love that she sings along with the CD in the car. I love how she laughs, pushes her hair out of her face, and colors in her coloring books. I love that she refers to our dog Abby as her Abby and my parents dog as Baby Winston. Some of my biggest hopes are that she will always be this sweet, will always demand hugs and kisses before bedtime, and that she will love the new baby as much as she loves our son.

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the years ūüôā

St Augustine Maternity Photographer {MadyJoePhotography.com | Mady Joe Photography}

So, I have a confession to make….. I’ve never really had maternity pictures done. That’s kind of sad considering this is our third child! So, I caught my husband totally by surprise ¬†one evening when he just walked in the door from work and in the less than 10 minutes we had in our backyard while our children watched a very brief show, we captured these! Which I am completely beyond happy about because I am NOT an in front of the camera person. So, he captured me pregnant without me having to look directly at the camera or feeling pressured to look ‘perfect’. I’m a big fan of these poses because I feel like it takes pressure off, but that might just be me ūüôā

Turning Point Fall Festival {Saint Augustine Photographer | Mady Joe Photography}



A few quick pictures from the Fall Festival at our church. Our son has been wanting to go since they started setting everything up and they started talking about it at school! He’s gotten to the stage where the things you want to do seem so far away and like the days crawl by. October was a very long month for him between waiting for his birthday, the festival, and halloween!

The bounce houses and the petting zoo were his favorite parts. He loved talking to the sheep; literally talking to the sheep! He kept asking ‘what did you say?’ and the sheep would ‘baaaahhh’ right back. I WISH I had thought to video this ‘conversation’ but the pictures make me laugh, so those are great too. And for the record, my husband and daughter were there too, but Miss Shy was not impressed with any idea of pictures of her, so our son became the star of his post. ¬†And of course, we had to get pictures of the jeeps, which our son called Monster Trucks, since my husband is a jeep driver and apparently a lover of all things jeep!



















Happy Birthday! {St Augustine Photographer}

I remember finding out I saw pregnant with our son. I remember finding out at 14 weeks it was a boy. I remember the frantic ultrasound tech running out of the room at 34 weeks because my amniotic fluids were WAY too low, I remember how scared I was to be induced at 37 weeks, and how I stopped in the parking lot at the hospital refusing to go any farther because I was so scared and nervous. I remember being told not to worry about the epidural, it would be fine. I remember when the epidural wouldn’t work. I remember the NICU team being in the room while I was in labor and the oxygen mask annoying me even though it was helping the baby. I remember how everyone else seemed to get sleep the night before I was induced and the night I was in labor and I did not get any sleep. I remember briefly seeing our son before he was taken quickly away to make sure he was okay. I remember being left completely alone for a brief period of time while my husband and son made their way to the nursery and the doctors and nurses were done with me for a few minutes. I remember my dad insisting that I get to be taken by the nursery before going to the next room because he knew I didn’t get to see my son or hold him for very long. I remember waking up from my very short nap very ready to finally see the little boy I had given birth to. ¬†I remember holding him for the first time and being so thankful that he had made it into the world without anything bad happening to him.

Fast forward five years and now his favorite question is ‘why?’, his favorite thing is construction, his favorite color changes on a daily basis, and his favorite thing to play with is his sister. He always asks for pictures or a video of the new baby when I come home from the doctor. He frustrates my husband and myself with all his questions, determination ¬†and stubbornness to get his way, but at the same time makes us laugh and is so sweet. ¬†Even right now, he desperately wants to share the cookies left over from school this morning with his daddy. He’s so proud that he carried the cookies all by himself into school and shared with his friends! Last week he held the door open for the little girl behind him, obviously he’s getting a lot of the things we’re telling him. For the most part he’s pretty happy, sweet, and polite. He has his moments of tantrums, telling us no, and just plain bad days. But who doesn’t.

I’m posting some pictures as a quick look back over some of the things he loves the most and some of the pictures I love. Most of these are recent pictures, but the newborn pictures are all courtesy of¬†Root Photography. Nate was our wedding photographer and we were lucky enough that he also captured newborn pictures of our first born. I actually cried when looking at these pictures to choose some of my favorites. I’ll blame it on my pregnancy hormones for now!

Our Savannah Trip Part 2 {Savannah Photographer}



It’s been a busy few days since I shared¬†part one¬†of our¬†Savannah trip, so it’s taken me longer to get these pictures up. We stayed at the¬†Hilton Savannah DeSoto¬†and these pictures are the view from our room.¬†

On our way out of Savannah, we went to Bonaventure Cemetery. I admit, I did not take more than the picture of Little Gracie Watson and really I felt bad doing that. Not sure exactly why.

Our next stop was¬†Wormsloe Plantation. There was a picture of it in our room and I had to go there. Really, I wanted to take a couple or a bride, but my husband posed {quickly} for me. Maybe one day I’ll get to go back and play more there. It’s really pretty, especially all the trees going in!

Love the sun coming through!

I guess Savannah was sad to see us go because this is the beginning of the storm we drove home in!

Our Savannah Trip {Savannah Photographer} Part 1

We went to¬†Historic Savannah¬†for a weekend away – without children, that’s the first time in over three years – so it was a long time coming! We stayed ¬†at the¬†Hilton Savannah Desoto, which was nice. Close ¬†enough to¬†River Street¬†and lots of great restaurants! Here are some of our pictures from walking around!


We walked through¬†Colonial Park Cemetery, which normally a cemetery would kind of freak me out, but when they have historical significance it’s kind of neat to walk through. We were not daring enough to go on the ghost tours though. Especially the ones that go through the cemetery at night. If you click on the link to the cemetery, you can read more about the cemetery and a tiny bit of one of the stories!


From the¬†cemetery, we went to¬†The Cathedral of St John the Baptist. It’s so pretty! It made me wish I had brought my real camera and a wider angle lens, but we still have pretty pictures ūüôā



On our way to and from our hotel, we walked a different way almost every time, so we saw a lot of the¬†squares. They’re so pretty and give you some history while walking through. We also walked through¬†Forsyth Park. They were having rugby, a farmers market….lots of things going on while we were walking through!


Part one of ¬†our trip! I’ll add the rest of our pictures later!


Nights of Lights {Historic St Augustine}


Have I mentioned how much I love living in¬†St Augustine? There are always so many things to do here, it’s pretty, the beach‚Ķ.. Over the weekend we went to the¬†World Golf Village Festival of Trees and to HistoricSt Augustine for the¬†Nights of Lights! We had never been to either, so it was nice to be able to go and take part in some of the holiday festivities in the area. ¬†We saw the¬†The Loring Memorial,¬†Lightner Museum, and¬†The Casa Monica all aglow with lights. There was also a regatta of lights we missed, but the kids were too cold so hopefully next year we will see it. If you’re in the area, you should go! My husband and I are planning on going again Thursday night, just the two of us {a REAL date}!

Our son checking out the lights!

I do not remember the name of this shop, but I will find out because I LOVE this and cannot believe someone actually made it. I must get a special treat there because everything looked so fantastic!

What’s in a name?

I get the question a lot: Why is your business named Mady Joe Photography. Here is the explanation and little bit about my journey with photography!

I know you’re not supposed to have favorites when you have children. But I do. My son is my favorite for certain reasons and my daughter is my favorite for others. I love that they are so different. My son is quick, smart, and mischievous. ¬†My daughter is polite, sweet, and loving. My son loves construction, trains, big trucks, and Miss April {his teacher}. My daughter loves all the big trucks and trains because her ¬†big brother does, but she loves teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh, Abby {our dog} and sharing bites of her food.

I wanted to do a post like this for my son’s birthday, but in between sessions, homecomings, my husband changing jobs, packing, moving, and unpacking, ¬†I was lucky to pull his party together! And it’s kind of fitting that I do this for my daughter as she was the true catalyst for me putting a little faith in myself and starting on the journey into photography. For a solid year after she was born, ¬†I tried and tried to get the same pictures I had seen photographers use on their websites, and a picture that my son was NOT blurry, using a Nikon point and click. I kept saying with every trip {really, every time I used our camera} to a local portrait studio that I could do their job and get the pictures I wanted of my children, but in other environments than a studio. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money on a nice SLR if I wasn’t going to be good at it. Then I just decided that I had saved us enough money nursing my daughter for a whole year versus the money we spend on formula with our son and I deserved to try something I thought I would love. Lucky for me, my husband agreed {or he was just tired of listening to the constant debate of buying a SLR and which one I wanted and why}. So off we went to¬†Colonial Photo and Hobby and came home with my new camera body and new lens. I WISH I had the pictures from the first night on this computer, but I think they are on a CD in a box somewhere‚Ķ..

So, as my daughter turns 2 I keep being bombarded with memories. When I found out I was pregnant, how I cried in fear and my husband grinned;‚Ķ.. when we found out we were having a girl and my husband cried;‚Ķ.. when my labor was stopped at 31 weeks, the day before our son turned 2;‚Ķ‚Ķall the doctors appointments and hospital trips;‚Ķ.to the second I saw her and all the caution I held for 38 weeks trying not to love her too much because my pregnancy was so tough I didn’t know how it would end, came crashing down as I held her;‚Ķ..the first time our son saw his new sister and gave her the teddy bear he made her {obviously she loved it as now she loves all teddy bears!} and all the moments in between then and now. Our son I wanted desperately and our daughter terrified me because I didn’t want to experience a loss again and I wasn’t sure I would know what to do with 2 children, but does anyone really know 100% what to do with any child?

So, why¬†Mady Joe Photography? Mady is my daughter and Joseph is my son’s middle name. Joseph was also my grandfathers name, the man that always had the SLR and took all the pictures. He’s the one that let me play with his camera and tried to tell me not to turn my head looking through the viewfinder {too bad I still do it!}. I have his¬†Pentax film SLR in my closet. I’ve thought of using it, I hoped to find some lost film with pictures on it, but my grandfather was not the one to forget something, so there wasn’t any long lost film. Maybe one day I will use it, but for now I like just being able to look at it or hold it and know that he was the last one to use it.

To remember Madelyn at almost 2 I wanted just some pictures of her making all her funny faces, she thought lunch was funny today, so here are some I loved!


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