{class of 2013}


Last weekend was beyond chaotic for our family. Traveling back and forth to Orlando, packing the last of our house, our son visiting his grandparents…..we had a lot going on at the last minute. So, this session was a very welcomed break from all the stress. And it was fun! It was nice to be able to completely forget about everything else and just get to know Mr C and his mom a little bit. They are so nice, easy to talk with, and really made my job easy. I can’t wait to get to know them better over the next few years.


Class of 2011{sneak peak} Miss F

Oh, the class of 2011….. It honestly makes me feel a little old that this graduating class will be leaving high school 10 years after I did! And to top it off, my husband has his 10 year reunion next weekend (let’s just say he’s feeling a little old too!).  But that could be an entirely different blog post!

My sister introduced me to Miss F and she is officially my senior rep for the class of 2011 at Fleming Island High School! And she is adorable, lovely, and easy going. It was great to spend sometime with her yesterday exploring some different locations around Orange Park . We didn’t make it to the fields by Cecil Field, but maybe one day. But we did use a spot I’ve been eyeing since we moved here, and it was a fantastic spot to use!

Thanks Miss F for a fun afternoon. Enjoy your sneak peak!