A chance to say thanks {St Augustine Photographer}

I remember volunteering when I was younger: workshops, school projects, etc. I remember being asked what I would tell someone to convince them to volunteer themselves. I remember my answer, and in case I didn’t, it’s on video! But I answered some thing like this this : because volunteering makes you feel better about yourself and open your eyes to the world around you. But nothing has made me more appreciative for people and what they sacrifice and touched me more than Operation Love Reunited. A fellow photographer and friend told me about this organization and I thought it sounded like such a fun thing to do, a chance to see things I wouldn’t see in my day to day life. I never thought I would have met all the wonderful families who face my fears on a daily basis: Giving birth with their husband halfway around the world, raising three young boys who have not seen their father in a year, being newlyweds and watching your new husband walk away from you, or facing your first separation at the holidays.

So, on January 15 and 16, 2011 I will be holding sessions that the whole session fee will be donated to Operation Love Reunited. The higher the donation amount, the longer your session will last. For example, $50 donation have a 20 minute session and include 2 {5×7} prints as well as all the proof images.  A $100 donation will have a hour long session, 2 {8×10} prints as well as the proof images. A $200 donation will have a 90 minutes session and a CD off all the images from their session with copyright release so that you may print them wherever you like. These sessions are limited to immediate family members only.

Please share this with your friends so we can make a big contribution to this organization and if you bring anything with you to send in a care box, I will send it to a recently deployed squadron. There are about 150 or so people that just left {many more probably did as well!} and are missing the holidays, so I am sure they would really appreciate this!

Email me at MadyJoePhotography@gmail.com for any questions or information!