Our Savannah Trip Part 2 {Savannah Photographer}



It’s been a busy few days since I shared part one of our Savannah trip, so it’s taken me longer to get these pictures up. We stayed at the Hilton Savannah DeSoto and these pictures are the view from our room. 

On our way out of Savannah, we went to Bonaventure Cemetery. I admit, I did not take more than the picture of Little Gracie Watson and really I felt bad doing that. Not sure exactly why.

Our next stop was Wormsloe Plantation. There was a picture of it in our room and I had to go there. Really, I wanted to take a couple or a bride, but my husband posed {quickly} for me. Maybe one day I’ll get to go back and play more there. It’s really pretty, especially all the trees going in!

Love the sun coming through!

I guess Savannah was sad to see us go because this is the beginning of the storm we drove home in!

Our Savannah Trip {Savannah Photographer} Part 1

We went to Historic Savannah for a weekend away – without children, that’s the first time in over three years – so it was a long time coming! We stayed  at the Hilton Savannah Desoto, which was nice. Close  enough to River Street and lots of great restaurants! Here are some of our pictures from walking around!


We walked through Colonial Park Cemetery, which normally a cemetery would kind of freak me out, but when they have historical significance it’s kind of neat to walk through. We were not daring enough to go on the ghost tours though. Especially the ones that go through the cemetery at night. If you click on the link to the cemetery, you can read more about the cemetery and a tiny bit of one of the stories!


From the cemetery, we went to The Cathedral of St John the Baptist. It’s so pretty! It made me wish I had brought my real camera and a wider angle lens, but we still have pretty pictures 🙂



On our way to and from our hotel, we walked a different way almost every time, so we saw a lot of the squares. They’re so pretty and give you some history while walking through. We also walked through Forsyth Park. They were having rugby, a farmers market….lots of things going on while we were walking through!


Part one of  our trip! I’ll add the rest of our pictures later!